Giovanni Mirabassi Solo


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Suite 3201, Central Plaza, 18 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Hong Kong S.A.R., China
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The Italian Cultural Institute in Hong Kong is the Cultural Office of the Consulate General of Italy in Hong Kong and (together with Beijing and Shanghai) one of the three cultural agencies of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in China.  

The Institute serves as a source of information about Italian life and culture, that showcases Italy’s classic and contemporary heritage . 

The Institute works alongside the Consulate General of Italy in Hong Kong to organize cultural events and establish relationships with local cultural institutions.

Giovanni Mirabassi Solo
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2014年5月20日(二) << 20:15

Giovanni Mirabassi is an Italian self-taught jazz pianist and composer, born in Perugia in 1970. He settles in Paris in 1992 and is soon spotted by Aldo Ciccolini who takes him under his wing. After self-producing an album in 1997, Dyade, he signs a contract with record label Sketch. The much acclaimed Architectures is released in 1998, followed by a series of opuses which all have a big impact. First comes : Avanti !, in solo and dedicated to revolutionary songs from around the world - this album obtains a gold disc award and is the winner at the Victoires de la Musique competition. Then comes : (((Air))) in 2003, with Glenn Ferris and Flavio Boltro – an original combination between piano, trombone and trumpet - obtaining the award of the Prix du meilleur disque de l’année, catégorie internationale, of the Académie Django Reinhard. All Giovanni Mirabassi’s albums are highly praised by musical reviews and mark the beginning of an international career for the pianist. He plays notably in Asia (Japan, Korea, China). Under the record label Discograph, he releases six more albums : Prima o poi, 2005, - with Gildas Boclé on bass, Louis Moutin on drums and Flavio Boltro on trumpet -, Cantopiano, 2006, in solo, improvising around great themes of the Chanson Française.

On recording Terra Furiosa in 2008, he forms a new trio : Trio Mirabassi-Renzi-Parker with Gianluca Renzi on bass and Leon Parker on drums. Out of Track, 2009 (a cover of standards) and Live @ the Blue Note, Tokyo - recorded live at the Blue Note in 2010 -, mark the culmination of the new trio, in which Leon Parker has since been replaced by Cuban drummer Lukmil Pérez. Ten years after Avanti !, the pianist takes up the themes of the revolutionary songs again when he records ¡ Adelante !, on May 1st in The Havana. His latest project and new album is a live recording by Trio Mirabassi-Renzi-Pérez, accompanied by a philarmonic orchestra. Viva Verdi is recorded in Seoul and is the successful outcome of the intense collaboration with Gianluca Renzi who makes all the musical arrangements and a few compositions in this new album. It will be released beginning of 2013.

Giovanni Mirabassi’s numerous collaborations include names like : Stefano Di Battista, Michel Portal, Andrzej Jagodzinski, Fred Hersch, Henri Texier, André Ceccarelli, Toku, Rosario Giuliani, Leon Parker, Eliot Zigmund.

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